Body Sugaring

Body Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian form of hair removal. It is done by applying an all natural sugar paste against the growth of the hair and then flicking it back with the growth to effectively remove the entire hair, including the root.

It is all natural as the paste is only made from 3 ingredients; sugar, water and lemon.

Sugaring removes the entire hair which reduces the risk of breaks as opposed to other hair removal methods.

When maintained, sugaring treatments can lead to thinner, lighter hair growth over time with some people even reporting permanent results.

It is not damaging to the skin as opposed to other hair removal methods and is also considered a form of exfoliation, which helps remove dead skin cells to promote the growth of healthy new cells.

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Before Your Appointment

Let It Grow

You will want your hair to be approximately 1/4″ in length which works out to be about 10-14 days from the last time you shaved.


The day before your appointment, give the area being sugared a gentle exfoliation using an exfoliating glove or mitt, a dry bush, or a sugar scrub. Then, go ahead and do everywhere else just because. Exfoliation is a wonderful way to promote circulation and new cell growth!

Skip Some Steps

We have little parts of our routines that are second nature to do daily. However, there are some things that could cause issues when getting sugared. Please do not apply any deodorant, make-up, lotion, oil, etc. to the area being sugared the day of your appointment as it will make it much more difficult to effectively extract the hair.

What to Expect During Your Appointment


Your sugarist will gently cleanse the area with a natural cleansing product to remove any dirt and debris from the skin and prepare it for treatment.



Body temperature sugar paste is applied against the growth of your hair using a single ball of sugar. After being appropriately molded around the hair, it will be flicked off the skin with the direction of hair growth which encourages full removal of the hair and root without breakage. This process is repeated until all hair has been removed.



Your sugarist will do basic extractions if required and then cleanse any remaining sugar from the skin. A soothing oil, tonic and/or lotion may be applied to the skin post-treatment depending on the area. You will be given a warm cloth to remove any remaining residue before you get dressed. Sometimes you find sticky spots wse can’t see so this is an extra step at your discretion.

After Your Appointment

Don’t Sweat

Avoid any activities which promote friction or sweating for 24-48 hours after your appointment. These activities include, but are not limited to, exercise, sexual activity, strenuous yard work, sporting activities, etc. Your skin needs time to heal before it is safe to do these activities without risk of infection.


Exfoliate the area 48 hours after your appointment, using a schedule of 3 times per week. Recommended methods of exfoliated include the use of exfoliating gloves and mitts, sugar scrubs, and dry brushes.


Starting 48 hours after you appointment, moisturize the area daily. This will help keep your skin soft enough for new baby hairs below the surface to effectively emerge when they are ready. This will reduce any risk of ingrown hairs presenting.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated is essential for your hair re-growth as well as your overall health! Getting at least 2 litres of water per day can help keep your skin soft which will help new baby hairs emerge effectively.

Extra Tips

Up Your Game

Finding you are suffering from ingrown hairs despite exfoliation and hydration? Consider adding an after-care product to your routine. Sugar Lips Inc. has multiple options depending on your skin’s needs.


Change it Up

Exfoliating 3 times per week but still finding some baby hairs trapped? Consider trying a different exfoliation method. Sugar Lips Inc. carries a variety of options to suit your induvidual needs.


Leave it Alone

Don’t pick at ingrown hairs!!! We cannot stress this enough. At Sugar Lips Inc., our staff are professionally trained to extract ingrown hairs using sterilized tools. Trying to do this yourself increases the risk of infection, inflammation, and irritation. Please leave this to the professionals for best results.

Double Check

You will be asked on your entrance form about medication you are on. Certain medications can make it dangerous to have sugaring treatments done. These contradictions include, but are not limited to, topical and oral acne treatments as well as blood thinners. Please check with your doctor prior to booking if you are on medications such as these.

Body Sugaring FAQs

How long should my hair be and how often do I need to go?

Your hair should be approx 1/4″-1/2” long. Shorter hair may not be removed effectively, longer hair risks breakage which can cause ingrown hairs.

It is recommended you come every 4-6 weeks as your hair will begin to grow on a schedule, providing the opportunity for optimum results.

I have my period. Can I still get a bikini or Brazilian treatment?

Yes of course however, your skin will be more sensitive during this time in your cycle. You may find treatment to be a bit more painful. If you do decide to go ahead with your appointment, please wear a menstrual cup or tampon and advise your technician.

Why is sugaring different than waxing?

Sugaring is all natural and does not adhere to the skin like waxing does, meaning it wont damage your skin and we are able to go over the same area more than once to ensure all the hair is removed.

There are no risks of burns from high temperatures as sugar only needs to be slightly over body temperature to be used effectively. There are also no risks of reactions to harsh chemicals found in many wax products.

Sugaring is done by pulling the hair by the root with the direction of growth. This ensures there are less broken and ingrown hairs present and even slows the growth of hair over time.

How long does a Brazilian appointment take?

This can vary depending on your pain tolerance (We can go as fast or slow as you need), the length of hair and if you have shaved in between treatments (Shaving starts your progress back at square one) So approx. 15-30 minutes.

Can I shave in between treatments?

Do yourself a huge favour… don’t shave! With continued sugaring treatments your hair will come back thinner, lighter and with a way weaker root system. Shaving in between sessions will reset your progress to square one making it more painful and more difficult to remove the hair again.

Should I do anything different before my sugaring treatment?

Avoid sun bathing or using a tanning bed for 48 hours, and putting moisturizers on the area within 24 hours before your appointment. This includes facial moisturizers. Sugar needs a dry surface to be most effective.

Can I get sugared if I am pregnant?

Yes. However you may find bikini and Brazilian treatments to be more painful during this time due to additional blood flow to that part of the body.

Do you offer men's services?

Yes! However, we are not currently offering men’s intimate services at this time (Men’s Brazilians)

Body Sugaring Pre-Care Instructions

  • Let it grow, let it grrrooOOoooww (Definitely sang that to the tune of that song from frozen lol!) Let that hair get to around 1/4″- 1/2” in length. Sugaring only grabs the hair, not the skin so it is vital for the hair to be long enough to ensure great results.
  • Please do not apply any lotions or other products to the area the day of your treatment. We want the skin to be dry as the sugar will not adhere to moist hair
  • If you are taking any medications such as strong antibiotics, Retin-A (or similar acne medication), blood thinners, medications which cause bruising or you have a compromised immune system I would recommend against body sugaring treatment. Please speak with your doctor if you would like to receive body sugaring treatments in the future so you are able to ensure it is safe to do so.
  • Please also note that if you have compromised skin such as a yeast infection or herpes present in the area, this could be irritated further by body sugaring treatments. It is recommended you ensure any infections such as these are cleared up before having treatments done.

Body Sugaring After-Care Instructions

The “Do’s”

Brazillians/Bikini treatments

  • Exfoliate the area with water and an exfoliating glove or sponge as often as you are comfortable. Exfoliating the area helps to remove dead skin and free any trapped hairs (Ingrown hairs)

  • Drink plenty of water. Urine can irritate open follicles so its best if diluted.

  • Wear loose fitting underwear or go commando following your appointment. You will want the area to be able to breathe. Tight fitting or lacey underwear can cause friction and irritation. Although sugaring is natural and gentle, we are still removing hair from an entire area, leaving multiple small openings in the skin where the hair was rooted. Without proper care, infection is a small risk.

All treatments

  • Avoid exercise or vigorous activity immediately following your appointment. After any activity of this sort, ensure you shower to keep the area free from any bacteria which could grow in a moist environment (Aka. Sweat)

  • Apply a cold compress to the area if any irritation occurs. Irritation is most common after your first treatment or if you have shaved in between treatments. A cold compress will constrict blood vessels and relieve any discomfort. You should not have discomfort for more than a couple days.

  • Book your appointments 4-6 weeks apart. Reschedule or cancel your appointments 24 hours in advance.

The “Dont’s”

  • Exercise or do any excessive activity after your appointment. Friction and sweating can irritate the area.

  • Avoid any direct sun exposure and submergence in water (Ie: pools, hot tubs, etc) the day of your treatment (Showers are okay)

  • Apply any lotions, creams, etc. to the area. This could cause irritation and is not recommended.

  • Pick at ingrown hairs. You can cause greater inflammation to the area and risk infecting surrounding pores.

  • Please do not shave in between treatments. Body sugaring is most effective when done consistently. Shaving the area will bring you back to square one.

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